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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Amazon Sale-Great Indian Festival Amazon Sale: 14 to 17 October

Amazon once again come with Great Indian festival Sale with more exiting options, offers and deals. Here amazon come at Pre-Diwali festival sale, It's very beneficial to me for shopping lovers. It has vast brands participants and very reasonable price with heavy discount.
Festival Sale
Festival Sale

Not only brands but also Banks and other consumer financial institutions take part in it with good deals with their products and services.
There most of 40,000 offers across all four days and every our new deal executive in Amazon App.
  • Mobile 500+ offers
  • Electronics 2500+ offers
  • Home & Kitchen 10,000+ offers
  • Amazon Exclusive 6,000+ offers
  • Amazon Fashion 30,000+ offers
   But You have Exclusive Chance for Grab all Deals on 03th October at 12:00 Noon, if you are Amazon Prime Member.

So if you are still not Amazon Prime Member.     Join Now

You can hassle-free upgrades for Zero(0%) EMI Cost and Exchange Offers with Instant discount and Doorstep Pick-Up.

Exclusive App Offers & Deals:

  • Golden Hour Deals at 9:00p.m to 12:00 a.m
  • 10% Back Up to Rs.200 Amazon Gift Card
  • 10% Extra Cash back on SBI Debit Card
  • Win the Prizes worth 2 Lakh on App purchase
On Amazon Pay get 10% upto Rs.500 cash Back for Load the Balance in it.

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  Get Upto 40% discount on these mobile brands like OnePlus, Motorola, Honor, Lenovo, LG, Samsung, iPhone, Xiaomi.

Upto 60% Discount on Electronic Items on different Catagetry:
  • Laptops- upto 20% off
  • Television- upto 40% off
  • Cameras & Accessories- upto 55%
  • Refrigerators- minimum 20% 
  • Air Conditioners- upto 20%
  • Washing Machine- minimum 25%
  • Networking Devises (WiFi)-upto 60%
  • Headphones & Speakers-upto 60%
  • Power Banks-upto 65%
  • Storage Devise (Hard Drive, PenDrive)- upto 50%
  • Wearable Devise (Fitness Bends)- upto 40%
  • Grooming & health appliances- upto 45%
  • Water Purifier-up 35% off
  • Mixer & Grinders- upto 45%
  • Iron- upto 40%
  • Microwave & Ovens-minimum 20%
  • Kindle worth Rs.5000
  • Amazon TV Stick at Rs.3990                                     
                                              Visit the Store Now

Top Brands of Home Appliances:

  • SONY-------- upto 45% off
  • Samsung------upto Rs.10,000 off
  • LG-------------upto 30% off
  • Bajaj---------- minimum 25% off
  • Voltas- --------minimum 20% off
  • Philips---------upto 30% off
  • IFB----------- minimum 20% off
  • BPL-----------upto 40% off
  • Sanyo---------Save upto Rs.19,000
  • Whirpool-----upto 30% off
  • JBL-----------upto 50% off
  • TCL--------- starting at Rs.9,990
  • BOSCH-----minimum 20%
  • Canon-------upto 25% off
                                          Visit the Store Now

Discount on Amazon Fashion: 
  • Clothing  ------------  upto 70%
  • Handbags & walets - upto 70%
  • Footware & Shoes -- upto 70%
  • Watches -------------- upto 60%  
  • Kid's Fashion -------- upto 70%
  • Jewellery ------------- upto 70%
  • Sunglasses ----------- upto 70%
  • Luggage -------------- upto 70%
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Top Brands in Amazon Fashion Sale:
  • Pentaloon -------------------- upto 50% off
  • Fast Track ------------------- upto 50% off
  • You Bella ------------------- upto 80% off
  • United Colors of Benetton - upto 50% off
  • Symbol ---------------------- upto 70% off
  • Addidas --------------------- upto 40% off
  • Puma ------------------------ upto 60% off
  • Titan ------------------------ upto 30% off
  • Sky Bag -------------------- upto 50% off
  • Joyalukkas ----------------- upto 30% off
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Thursday, October 12, 2017

How to Apply Visitor/Tourist Visa for USA

This article about How to apply for visitor or tourist visa, you will get knowledge of all essential require documents. Now next couple of months will be a Holiday Months like Diwali, Cristmas, Valentine Day and many couples will be married. So celebrate and enjoy holidays at the outside of your country is the best way enjoy with your family also for a new married couple their Honeymoon will be more special and lifelong remembrance.

The most visited countries during holidays are USA, CANADA, DUBAI, UK, AUSTRALIYA, AND INDIA.
One by one I give you information for How to apply Visitor or Tourist Visa for the respective country.
Visitor Visa
Visitor Visa

How to Apply Tourist/Vistor Visa USA
A citizen of foreign country want to enter in the USA, first he/she apply for either nonimmigrant or immigrant in the US.  
Application Fee: $160

There are many type of Visas like
  • Bussiness Visa B-1
  • Vistor/Tourist Visa B-2
  • Combine of Vistor and Bussiness visa B-1/B-2
B-1 and B-2 Visas are nonimmigrant visas, I will give you more information for the immigrant visa in another article.
Visit this Sites :
Which are activities are allowed with Visitor Visa B-1
  • Tourism
  • Vacation-Holiday
  • Medical Treatment
  • Participated in Event which hosted by Social or Service Organizations
  • Participation of any Muscial, Sports, Culture, Contest or similar events, if you not be paid for the participating
  • Participated in any short-term course but it will not be credited in degree(Example- Two days Cooking course during holiday) 

Which are activities are NOT allowed with Visitor Visa B-1
  • Study
  • Employment
  • Paid Performance 
  • Arrival of as a Crew member at Ship or any Airlines
  • Permanent Residence in the United States 
  • Work as a foreign press, radio, TV news, journalist
How to Apply
Consult the instructions which given at US Embassy and Consulate Website where you will apply.
1.Online non-immigration Visa Application: Fill up Form DS-160 and complete online application and Print the Proof of online application page for Interview
2.Upload your Photograph as per requirement of Embassy
 Note: 1.Click here learn about DS-160
       2.Click her Photograph Requirements

Scheduels for Interview
If your Age is
1)13 and Younger   Generally Not require
2)14-79              Require(but some exception for renewals)
3)80 and older      Generally Not require

Generally your Interview for Visa at US Embassy or Consultant in the country where you live.

Required Documents during Interview 
1.Passport :At least validity of your passport Six month beyond of your stay. If more name in passport, so individual apply of the visa.
2.Form 160 Conformation Page
3.Application fee Payment receipt
4.Photo :If you can not upload or failed during upload, bring your photos during interview
Additional requirement of documents:
  • The purpose of the trip
  • Your intent to depart the US after your trip; and/or
  • Your ability to pay all costs of your Trip


Friday, September 29, 2017

Nokia 3310 3G Price, Specification, Features, New Color Variants

Nokia introduce it's iconic phone Nokia 3310 few months back after one decade. Now Nokia take one step forward to launch Nokia 3310 3G for better call quality and better connectivity.

Nokia 3310 3G Price and Specifications
Nokia 3310 3G

In new era of mobile technology, it is essential to use new generation connectivity technology. Wtih 3G connectivity you will never miss your favorite news and feeds which you love to read, also you connect your friends with Facebook and Twitter to stay updated with every valuable events and information you never want to miss them.

New Customise Icon features, you experience more pleasant way to use and feel the Nokia 3310 3G phone. You can rearrange all icons as you wish and also change it's theme color also like- OrangeGreen, Black, Purple, Blue.

A most Favorite game is Sanke, definitely everybody enjoys this game and be an addicted it. New version of the Sanke game comes with more colorful and more enjoyable. So now take challenge once more to get high score.

Now talk about Specification of Nokia 3310 3G, it is build on solid matte body with more color variants like Yellow, Charcoal, Warm Red, Azure. Chose as per your personality.
                                                                             BUY NOW
Outside Design:
  • 2.4 inch curved glass screen with polarized layer for better readability in sunlight
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • 2 MP Camera with LED flash
  • Available for single and dual-SIM variants.
  Read More: Amazon Sale-Great Indian Festival Amazon Sale: 04 to 08 October

Inside System:
  • 64GB internal storage and add upto 32GB with MicroSD Card
  • Fm Radio and MP3 Player for enjoying Music
  • New customizable UI
  • Bluetooth 2.1 for pairing with speakers and other phones
  • 3G connectivity for calling texting
                                                                          BUY NOW 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Makeup lessons for Makeup Artist, Trainnig about Makeup How to Apply

"A girl should be two things - Classy and Fabulous"-Coco Chanel

For me navaratri is the time of the year when we can experiment with my makeup.It gives us the opportunity to express ourselves through our makeup. Navaratri is one festival in which every girl feels like a beauty queen.

Be it traditional or trendy chaniya choli, hair do and of course makeup😊. I feel makeup is very essential part of getting ready for navaratri garaba or dandiya. We know many of us shy away from applying lipstick or eyeliner in daily life but not during navaratri! For us girls, getting ready for garaba is as exciting as playing garaba itself! Make up enhances our natural beauty.And of course compliments! Ohh doesn't a good compliment has a power to make us feel flattered and more confident ?
Makeup Kit
My Makeup Kit

A good lipstick ,a winged eyeliner and mascara gives the glamorous look that we all can flaunt during Navaratri. These makeup wands really create magic and transform us in a diva 😊 .

 I follow following procedures for a basic navaratri makeup
  • Wash my face with a good face wash.BUY NOW 
           Navaratri garaba starts late at night. A refreshing face-wash takes away all the tiredness and makes me feel fresh .

  • Rub an ice-cube on my face - it tightens skin pores and make makeup lasts longer- It really helps! It simply makes your skin look young and fresh.
  • Apply moisturiser  - if  you have oily skin apply face powder-BUY NOW
  • Take few drops of foundation BUY NOW and apply it all over my face and neck.

It is very important to cover neck to create an even tone . If not applied on neck, tone of face and neck looks different.
  • Apply compact powder - it help in keeping the foundation at place as well as take away excess oil. Since we are going to get bit sweaty , a compac powder helps in giving us a fresh look.
For eye makeup
For a drametic navaratri look eyes are the most essential feature of our face. 
  •  Eye shadow - to give a shiny rosey feel I apply bit of eye shadow on my eye leads. BUY NOW
  • An eyeliner - I like a winged eyeliner to create more dramatic look. You can play with colours too. Blue or green eyeliners are also in trend. BUY NOW
  • Kajal/Kohl - Follow the outline of my lower eyes. My eyes have life now😋. BUY NOW  
Kajal really gives a drametic look to my eyes.
  • Mascara - Two coats of mascara on my eyelashes- it makes my eyes look bigger. BUY NOW
My eyes are ready to shine bright.
I apply bit of blush on my cheekbones too.
For lips
  • I apply some Vaseline on lips first - it soothes chapped lips and when I apply lipstick it spreads evenly on my lips.
  • Then draw an outline using lip pencil BUY NOW
  • Fill in the lipstick on lips BUY NOW
  • Apply some compact on lipstick - Now this is new!
  • Again apply some lipstick - This is a technique to make lipstick last longer.This way lipstick will last longer.
I always get compliments when I do my makeup during navaratri. My friends cant believe how much i get transformed just by using a little of eyeliner, kajal, mascara and lipstick. Those who are wary of doing makeup I suggest to give it a try and see yourself transformed into a complete diva!All the best for navaratri.


Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Nokia 6 mobile sale on Amazon Today 12:00 P.M and Registration Open for 13th September....Hurry

Hello Friends,
  Now The Great News from mobile world coming that legendary brand of mobile. I say Father of the Mobile revolution-NOKIA is Back.
  From roomers to reality, last Mobile World Congress exhibition, Nokia show it's new upcoming phone Nokia 6, 6s, 7. But now finally Nokia will be on your hand to experience old best feeling.

  Nokia is well known for it's durability and long-lasting phone. Also user friendly OS and easy to handle teen to young to older people. My Father now today use 10 years old Nokia phone(Button Keys), it is give same performance as when it was bought from store. He Loves it, not to agree buy another phone.

Nokia 6 Price and Specifications
Nokia 6

  Nokia 6 Exclusively available on for India. And for book your Nokia phone Registration open, Sale will be on 13th September 2017. Not wait for the last day of registration it will close soon, for grab your favorite brand register your self.

                                         Registered Customer: BUY NOW

   Here more reasons for Register for Nokia 6:
This offer you will get Rs.1,000 back for buy this phone from Amazon Pay balance and Amazon Prime member.
 For get benefit from this offer you have to purchase any eligible phone from Amazon. Click here Eligible Phones for Vodafone Offer

 Insert you SIM card in new purchase phone, you will get massage from Vodafone for this offer.

 If you are Prepaid customer you have to buy 1GB data & above and you will get 9GB data for 5 months for 5 time recharge. 

 If you are Postpaid customer you have not buy any data, you will also get 9GB data for 5 months within 48 hours.

 Purchase New Nokia 6 phone on and benefit this offer.
  Use Flight Code and book domestic round trip of minimum Rs.5000 and get Rs.700 off.  Use Hotel Code and book any domestic hotel of minimum Rs.3500 and get Rs.1800 off.
 The code can be redeemed till 30th September 2017.
  Now better productive use of your new Nokia 6 is use Kindle App.
Yes, All Nokia 6 customers who sign in to Kindle app will get 80% off on Kindle eBook worth Rs.300.

  But Remember: Only Register Customer will able to buy Nokia 6.
            Click Here For Registration:

Specification of Nokia 6:
  • 5.5" full HD Display
  • 16MP rear Camera and 8MP Front Selfy Camera  
  • Deal  Dolby Atoms Speaker soulful Music experience
  • Octa-core processor
  • Finger print sensor
  • Available in three color
  What you think, Register yourself for this sale. Nokia calling You.
   Last but Least: Connecting People.

                                             Register Customer: BUY NOW

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Navratri Chaniya Choli Latest Fashion collection for women, Cotton Embroiderered Yellow color Choli and lehega

Biggest dance festival of world "Navaratri" is just a few days away, which is a celebration of Maa Durga (Divine goddess), in which dance enthusiastic perform Garaba and Dandia.

 It is a folk dance and it is performed in concentric circles. The circles can grow or shrink, reaching sizes of 100s, sometimes 1000s of people, dancing and clapping in circular moves at the same time.

 Navratri means nine nights. The prominent story associated with Navratri is the battle that took place between goddess Durga and the demon Mahishasura, who represents egotism. The battle lasted for nine nights and on the ninth night, Goddess Durga beheaded Mahishasura. The nine nights came to be known as Navratri, while the tenth day was called Vijayadashmi, the final day when truth and goodness prevailed over evil. 
   All people dresses up in special traditional attire of Chaniya Choli and Kurta-Dhoti, that shine bright with mirror work and colorful embroidery.

Women  wear Chaniya Choli which is colorful embroidered skirt and blouse. They wear it in bright attractive colors such as yellow,orange,blue,red and green.

                                                                                                    BUY NOW this Navratri Choli-Lehenga    

Chaniya Choli for Navratri Festival
Chaniya Choli

Color Yellow dominates in this multicolored Chaniya Choli. It has image of parrots embroidered in the blouse along with a butterfly. Chaniya choli is a three piece dress. It contains skirt,blouse and dupatta. The fabric used is a cotton which gives cooling effect.

  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Color:  Yellow and multicolored
  • Work: Embroidered and plastic mirror work 
  • Size: Skirt:  Adjustable using strings up-to 40 inches. Blouse: Adjustable up to 42 inch. Dupatta:2.25mtr. Product will come per-stitched as per standard size.Alteration at local tailor may be required.
  • First Wash will be Dry Clean Only
                                                                                         On Amazon  BUY NOW this Choli-Lehega                                            

Saturday, September 02, 2017

Men's Cotton Kurta at 15% Discounted Price

               You will Save Flat 15%, You have to Pay Only Rs.509($7.00)

             But this (Pantaloons) Cotton Kurta: BUY NOW on Amazon

Cotton Kurta

cotton Kurta
Cotton Kurta

  • Pattern: Solid
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Fit: Regular Fit
  • 1 Kurta
  • Style Tip : Add ethnic charm to your casual outfit clubbing this kurta with a pair of black jeans and canvas shoes. 

 This is Ethics ware from Asia, very comfortable at summer hot days. Light wight and heat resistance.
 Wear in Office as a casual wear, in a festivals days, just weekend outing.
 I personally use cotton Kurta at summer and festival days wear designer kurta.