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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Best Monitor Brand- Asus Gaming monitors for PC, Xbox, Play Station fast online Game Play

When you think about Gaming, only one Brand comes in your mind-Asus. No other brand effectively compete. Asus is the one of the brands in gaming industry, Asus is respectful name. Asus pioneer in making of the GPU-Graphic Processing Unit which we say Graphic Card.

In early days of Gaming major graphic cards made by Asus, So company has vast experience in making the graphic cards.

Now Asus introduce New gaming monitors for PC, Xbox, Play Stations for Fast online streaming game play.

Asus Monitors are the best Monitor Brands for Gaming, Graphic Design, Animation, Auto CAD.
Monitors has Cinematic fast games with RPG, RTS, FSP. Racing genres. Gaming Monitors comes with IPS screen for real vivid colors and 178 wide viewing angle.

Best monitor brand-Asus monitors for gaming
Asus Gaming Monitor

This monitor gives you better sharper images of 2K or even 4K/UHD for better targeting and better view of Map/Locations. In 1440p(2K) Monitor you get 77% more space than standard FullHD screen, and in 4K monitor you will get 300% more onscreen desktop space than standard FullHD monitor.

Asus gaming monitor comes with 144Hz refresh rate for blur free motion gaming, which gives frist person shooter, racing gaming and real time strategy. Gaming monitor comes with incorporate adaptive technology like NVIDIA G-SYNC and AMD FREE SYNC FOR fluid and responsive experience.The monitor synchronise refresh rate with graphic card in the PC and minimise display shutter and in leg.

Gaming monitors for PC, Xbox, Play Station gaming
Best Asus Gaming Monitors
 Response time less upto 1ms better for hard core gaming experience to save more time and take first shot than your competitor and enjoy Victory.

Recommend Graphic cards: NVIDIA GeForce GTX650Ti / R9 285 or higher card

These monitor comes with 21.5 inch, 23.6", 27", 24",  and  34 inch screen size.

All this Asus Gaming Monitor comes with GamePlus, Eye Care, Game Visual, Display Widget, Ergonomic Design.  

These all gaming monitors are optimized for the EA-Battlefield-1 game.
Benefits of Game Plus:
  • A crosshair provides four types of crosshair which one you like to play at your game
  • Onscreen timer place on left onthe screen which track the time of the game
  • FSP counter which tell you how your game smoothly running.
  • Three Disply aligment gives competeable multi screen gaming experience

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