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Thursday, 24 August 2017

The Best Computer Gaming Mouse manufacturer brand-Asus Gaming Mouse-ROG Gladius 2

One of the most important hard ware  for play games after keyboard Mouse is the second but it is the most usable and sensitive part of effective gaming setup.

Any hard core Gamer wants fast, responsive, multi-functional and good build quality gaming mouse to win and keep ahead from his competitors.
Asus is the very respective name in Gaming world, it is pioneer of gaming cards, keyboards and mouse. Now Asus introduce new age gaming mouse for hard core new gaming environment.

Asus ROG Gladious -II is the new age gaming mouse from Asus, which has many new features and functions for had core Gamers who always born for become a Winner.

It is wire cord gaming mouse but you can also use as wireless or remote mouse as your convenience. This Ergonomic optical mouse optimised for FSP featuring push-fit switch pocket design. It is ergonomic mouse for all gamer's hands and any grip styles, full palm only fingers or just claw. It is very comfortable for long hours non-stop effective gaming.
Best Gaming mouse manufacturer-Asus
Asus ROG Gladius-2 Mouse

This ultimate gaming mouse has advanced 12000 DPI optical sensor for enrich every cm chase precisely and  maximise sniping. running capacity. Your enemy will run but you will chase them with confidence.

ROG(Republic Of Gamer) Gladious II makes you different from other gamers with dominant looks and performance. Asus Aura RBG lighting technology gives you aggressive gaming performance, it is comes with pre set six deferment light effects for enrich your gaming experience.Six preset light effects are Wave, Static, Reactive, Breathing, Comet.

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 This mouse perfect synchronised with all hardware of computer motherboard, monitor, cooling fan and keyboard. ROG Sync is able and controlled with ROG Armoury software and Aura Sync software controlled by Asus Aura motherboard.
Here Check the Asus Aura enabled motherboard.

When you want to take down your enemy, get accurate snip with help of dedicated DPI(Dot Per Inch) button which shows sensitive setting to hold the button and scroll faster on screen for best sniper position for take down your enemy. When you release DPI button default setting return.

Exclusive Push Fit Switch Socket Design allow easy change switches, so you can very click resistance and change broken switches and expand life span of the mouse.  You can also install shorter switches.
Note: Omron D2F and D2FC series switches compatible with ROG Gladius II

Easy Replace broken switches of mouse
Easy Replace broken Switches

Most abuse switches of any gaming hardware are mouse switches, so in ROG Gladius II mouse has Original Japan made Omron switches which has 50-Milion Clicks so you have unstoppable gaming experience.
Also an option for one Extra pair of  Original Japan made Omron switches.
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Your Every strike is important, you get advanced optical Sensor with 12000DPI, 50g, 250IPS.
With 12000 DPI mouse move smoothly with more accurately on every screen part of 4K UHD display in less than one inch movement.

For maximum gravitational acceleration(g) is 50g, Increase the distance which mouse travel, fast movement of mouse with increase the acceleration. The faster move mouse, greater gravitational acceleration force. Asus Gladius-II has 50g sensor.

IPS(Inch Per Second) speed is the malfunction speed, The maximum speed which mouse sensor can accurately move inch by inch. This mouse has 250 IPS good for who want less sensitive level settings.

one more comfortable feature is unplug and go, if you want to detach the cable wire from mouse just one button press and become wireless mouse.

 Now time to Redesign-Customize your Asus Gladius-II mouse with innovative ROG Armoury software, you can change lighting effect as your style, adjust performance settings, calibrate performance, map and buttons, create profile and many more to enrich your gaming experience.

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