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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Makeup lessons for Makeup Artist, Trainnig about Makeup How to Apply

"A girl should be two things - Classy and Fabulous"-Coco Chanel

For me navaratri is the time of the year when we can experiment with my makeup.It gives us the opportunity to express ourselves through our makeup. Navaratri is one festival in which every girl feels like a beauty queen.

Be it traditional or trendy chaniya choli, hair do and of course makeup😊. I feel makeup is very essential part of getting ready for navaratri garaba or dandiya. We know many of us shy away from applying lipstick or eyeliner in daily life but not during navaratri! For us girls, getting ready for garaba is as exciting as playing garaba itself! Make up enhances our natural beauty.And of course compliments! Ohh doesn't a good compliment has a power to make us feel flattered and more confident ?
Makeup Kit
My Makeup Kit

A good lipstick ,a winged eyeliner and mascara gives the glamorous look that we all can flaunt during Navaratri. These makeup wands really create magic and transform us in a diva 😊 .

 I follow following procedures for a basic navaratri makeup
  • Wash my face with a good face wash.BUY NOW 
           Navaratri garaba starts late at night. A refreshing face-wash takes away all the tiredness and makes me feel fresh .

  • Rub an ice-cube on my face - it tightens skin pores and make makeup lasts longer- It really helps! It simply makes your skin look young and fresh.
  • Apply moisturiser  - if  you have oily skin apply face powder-BUY NOW
  • Take few drops of foundation BUY NOW and apply it all over my face and neck.

It is very important to cover neck to create an even tone . If not applied on neck, tone of face and neck looks different.
  • Apply compact powder - it help in keeping the foundation at place as well as take away excess oil. Since we are going to get bit sweaty , a compac powder helps in giving us a fresh look.
For eye makeup
For a drametic navaratri look eyes are the most essential feature of our face. 
  •  Eye shadow - to give a shiny rosey feel I apply bit of eye shadow on my eye leads. BUY NOW
  • An eyeliner - I like a winged eyeliner to create more dramatic look. You can play with colours too. Blue or green eyeliners are also in trend. BUY NOW
  • Kajal/Kohl - Follow the outline of my lower eyes. My eyes have life now😋. BUY NOW  
Kajal really gives a drametic look to my eyes.
  • Mascara - Two coats of mascara on my eyelashes- it makes my eyes look bigger. BUY NOW
My eyes are ready to shine bright.
I apply bit of blush on my cheekbones too.
For lips
  • I apply some Vaseline on lips first - it soothes chapped lips and when I apply lipstick it spreads evenly on my lips.
  • Then draw an outline using lip pencil BUY NOW
  • Fill in the lipstick on lips BUY NOW
  • Apply some compact on lipstick - Now this is new!
  • Again apply some lipstick - This is a technique to make lipstick last longer.This way lipstick will last longer.
I always get compliments when I do my makeup during navaratri. My friends cant believe how much i get transformed just by using a little of eyeliner, kajal, mascara and lipstick. Those who are wary of doing makeup I suggest to give it a try and see yourself transformed into a complete diva!All the best for navaratri.


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