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Saturday, 15 February 2020

Best How to Skin/Hair Care Before and After playing Holi Celebration (Beauty Care) Tips-2020

How to Skin/Hair Care Before and After playing Holi Celebration (Beauty Care)-2020:

Holi Celebration Skin/Hair Care
Holi Celebration Skin/Hair Care

Holi is the festival of the colors, and every age group people enjoy it equally. But during the play Holi, How to play safe Holi? and protect adverse effects of the Holi colors to our skin and hair is very important. Also, protect our children eyes from these colors.

Here some tips of How to Skin and Hair Care before and after play Holi?

All require products and ingredients are available in our home and they are:

  •     Coconut hair oil
  •    Cold cream
  •   Sunscreen location
  •    Alovera cream
  •    Olive oil
  • Rose Water
  •  Petroleum jelly (Vaseline)
  • Rubber band  Nail polish

How to prepare for play Holi(Before):  
  • First apply worm coconut hair oil to hair and skin all body very good amount to protect to absorb the colors in skin, hair and being dryness.
  •    Also apply cold cream at entire face very gently.
  •    Also apply warm coconut oil in eyebrow and feet also.
  •    Apply moisturise and sunscreen lotion all the body parts which heal you to keep hydrated skin.
  •    Not forget ears because very badly colors stick in it especially behind ears.
  •    Apply the lip balm to protect from holi colors.
  •    Apply coating of the nail polish to your nail, which protect from the colors.
  •   Don’t put heavy makeup to face because it cause malfunctions and you feel allergy to mix with colors.
  •   You have to do wax or save your hands and legs at least 5 to 7 days before Holi.
  •    Don’ts keep open your hair, buld pony and cover it with a plastic cloth.
  •   Wear full sleeve cloth and it is cotton for comfortable to wear and gentle to the skin.
  •    Drink water, fruit juice and Thundai as you can for hydrate your body but don’t drink alcohol, it does dehydrate the body.

Care of Skin and Hair after Holi Play Celebration:
  •   First of all just remove non-sticky colors with take bath with warm water.
  •  Don’t rub the shop on colors, it will more painful and allergenic and cause redness on skin.
  •  Use mild faces wash for remove the colors from face.
  •  Also use aurvedic alovera cleanser.
  •  Use mixture of Besan and milk to remove colors, just run on the face and body very gently.
  •  Also, use Olive oil on the body which help moisturize the skin.
  •  After or during bath add Rose Water in water very beneficial to skin.
  •  For Hair first wash with shampoo and apply conditioner on hair for smoothness of hair. 
  • Apply coconut hair oil on hair to protect from being dry and give require moisture. 
  • Avoid Waxing and Shaving after the Holi at least 5 to 7 days, because the skin so sensitive towards the colors.

Video Credit: Sejal Kumar

Any other Questions and suggestions please free to ask/comments bellow. 

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